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2019 Floe VSD 5000 Ski Boat Combo (Lift, Canopy, Motor, & Guide)


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VSD 5000 Ski Boat Combo (Lift, Canopy, Motor, & Guide)


Dealer Insights

VSD 5000 lbs Ski Boat Combo
Included: D/C motor, wireless remotes, full vinyl bunks, single and double pro park guides, 26' canopy and frame, and 2 deep cycle batteries.
Bed Travel: 52”
Inside Width: 116”
Outside Width: 129”
Outside Length: 114”
Leg Travel: 30”
Frame Weight: 569lbs

Boat Lifts
Why FLOE Lifts are the fastest to install, easiest to use and best choice:
Patented Easy-Level™ System – allows you to adjust the height and level your boat lift with a cordless drill.
Revolutionary Screw-Drive Technology – faster, quieter, super smooth and more efficient
Raise and lower your boat lift and light up your dock with a wireless remote control.
Great looking, snug fitting, extra deep canopy maximizes boat protection.  High quality fabric with Quick-Clip™ system is quicker and easier to install than all others.
FLOE’s Pro-Park™ Guide-in System makes it simple for boat drivers of all skill levels to safely park.
Main frame beam lowers to 9.5″ from the ground allowing a FLOE vertical boat lift to work in less water than other boat lifts.
Easiest boat lift installation and removal options.
FLOE products are manufactured with the finest corrosion-resistant, custom-aluminum extrusions and stainless steel cables.  FLOE boat lift systems are backed by a 15-year limited warranty.

Easy-Level™ Leveling System
With the patented Easy-Level™ leveling leg system and a cordless drill, you can effortlessly install and level your boat lift without getting in the water. Simply turn the nut inside the leg to adjust lift up or down. You are not limited to incremental holes. Here are some of the great benefits the FLOE Easy-Level™ System has to offer:
Infinite Adjustment
No Pins to Align
One Person Job
Easy Seasonal Adjustment
Raises installation wheels off the ground
Easy-Level™ leveling legs come standard on all FLOE vertical Boat Lifts.  No need to purchase add-on leveling systems that add cost and weight to your boat lift.

VSD Technology
Uses Less Power
Less Maintenance
Industrial Strength

8 reasons why FLOE boat lift canopy systems offer you more for your money:
Greater boat protection. With FLOE’s extra deep fabric and framework, your canopy will not blow in or up and will keep your boat fully covered.
Upscale style with tailor-fit fabric for a refined look.
Fabric is held taut with FLOE’s exclusive Quick-Clip™ fabric attachment system.
FLOE uses premium-grade solution dyed fabric. It has a more luxurious look and weighs 50% less than comparable vinyl fabrics for easy removal and installation.
SDP fabric is urethane coated, UV protected and has rip-resistant technology.
Many canopy lengths and widths are available to accommodate a variety of watercraft lengths.
Canopy frames adjust vertically and horizontally for perfect boat coverage.
Full length seams are heat sealed to eliminate leaks.